Fresh Harvest – A new buffet with a farm fresh concept

There is a new delicious buffet in town and it’s definitely not one of your typical chinese or variety style of buffets that is found on any street corner. Fresh Harvest is a new local buffet and a real hidden gem that people have yet to discover and luckily I was one of the few bloggers who got to experience and check out this new restaurant. The restaurant is located inside the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, Florida which might be quite a drive for those coming from Miami but trust me when I say that it is well worth your time and the drive.

It was 6:30pm on a Friday night when I came to Fresh Harvest to try their Land and Sea Dinner. When I arrived I was greeted with a smile by the host and then the Manager showed me to my table where I sat with four other bloggers who were also checking out the restaurant. We all introduced ourselves and talked for a little while and then the waiter asked me if I wanted any wine to start off and of course I could not refuse so I said yes and I ordered a glass of Rosé wine. Afterwards, I got up to start picking out what I was going to eat for the night and I honestly have to say that I was in shock at how much food and variety they had to choose from and I didn’t know how I was going to fit so much food into my stomach. However, I started off as everyone normally does with getting salad from the salad bar where there you could create your own salad using endless toppings and homemade dressings. I created my very own caesar salad and got a couscous salad and a shrimp salad that was already made and which all tasted so incredibly fresh!

Afterwards, I headed to the sushi area and got some yummy fresh sushi along with a gyro, some antipastos, cheeses, and bread with their in-house made strawberry jam. Then, I created my own Alfredo pasta from the pasta station and grabbed some delicious and juicy sausages from the carving board station and some Lobster Bisque soup (which I highly recommend to try by the way!). As I sat back down and devoured my food because everything tasted so good and had so much flavor to it my kind waiter came back to check up on me and to ask us if we wanted crab legs so we can all try it. We all agreed and asked the waiter to bring us some so we got to try some fresh and locally caught crab legs and got a lesson on cracking crab legs in the process since some of us haven’t really done it before including myself so it was definitely a new experience for me.

Finally, we all ended the night with the most important part of the meal, dessert! The dessert station and selection was just insane!!! They had everything from ice cream to cakes to puddings to cookies and breads basically everything you can think of you name it! I picked out the Creme Brûlée, a chocolate croissant, and in-house made Honey Lavender and the Guinness Ice Cream because the waiter had recommended us to try it and he even brought it to our table without us having to stand up and grab it. When I tried all the desserts I felt like I was in heaven because everything was so yummy and it was honestly the best part of the meal without a doubt.

Overall, I had a very positive and great experience while dining at Fresh Harvest and I strongly recommend anyone to check it out. Everything from the cute and colorful decoration and cleanliness of the restaurant to the amazing customer service from the host, manager, and waiter along with the quality and the price value of the food was amazing and well worth it! But most importantly the selection of the food was the most impressive because they had a carving board and meat station, a pasta station, soups, a salad bar, charcuterie boards, antipasto, sushi, raw bar, coffee, and desserts. I have never been to a buffet besides this one who does not use any preservatives and high amounts of sodium in their food like other buffets normally do and who only uses farm fresh ingredients that you can actually tell when you taste the food so this is what Fresh Harvest is all about and what stands out about this buffet in particular and this is why I highly recommend it so go and check it out as soon as possible!

Thank you Fresh Harvest and Fort Lauderdale Bloggers for giving me this opportunity!

Details of the restaurant:

Address: 5550 NW 40th Street  Coconut Creek, Florida 33073






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